Concept to Consumer

Concept To Consumer is the essential food science course designed to equip chefs and artisan food and drink businesses with the knowledge, resources, and tools they need to confidently create and sell safe products, and find the market for them.

Our unique service offers food and drink producers invaluable insights and connections into the food and hospitality industry, combined with access to the top food scientists to guide their technical queries.

Why is this support important?

Mistakes cost money, can cause sickness, and in rare cases, they can be life-threatening. Many artisans and small producers craft unique and dynamic products born from innovative ideas or homemade initiatives. However, navigating the intricacies of food safety regulations can be daunting. We've witnessed the setbacks and costs incurred by businesses due to improper date marking, pH imbalances, and other hazards that compromise product safety. Our Concept to Consumer program addresses these crucial concerns head-on.

Time is money when you’re getting a new product to market. Utilising our consultancy service to access a group of food industry experts offers you a complete destination to execute your product in highly competitive markets.

Are you representing a Local Council, Farmers Market or Industry Group? 

We would love to collaborate with you to gauge the specific needs of your local area, offering customisable half or full-day programs. Plus, all our initiatives come with comprehensive support, ensuring participants have access to resources and information whenever they need it. Get in touch to discuss your community's needs and how we can help.

About Us

Concept To Consumer is brought to you by Straight To The Source, a collective of food industry experts dedicated to helping primary and artisan producers thrive, and Quantal Bioscience, a team with extensive experience in applied microbiology research and science education. We're committed to fostering a culture of food safety and excellence.

How We Can Help

1:1 Assistance 

Our team of food industry experts and food scientists offer a personalized and interactive consultancy service tailored to small-scale producers, many of whom operate as micro-businesses. We guide you through the process of developing and launching safe and stable products fit for the consumer market. 

Can you answer these questions? Depending on how you answer, you might wish to speak to either Straight To The Source or Quantal Bioscience, or both.

  • What product research has been conducted on a local and national level?
  • Are there available production sites in your region that will allow you to scale?
  • Have you market-tested whether your product is suitable for foodservice or retail?
  • Who can you turn to for qualified advice on sensory analysis and recipe refinement?


  • How do you convert a recipe to retail safely?
  • What are food hazards and how do you identify them?
  • What are the risks in food development and production?
  • How long is the best before date anyway?


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