Singing Magpie Produce

 Riverland  Region, SA

This photo is taken by Sue's very talented eight year old daughter Frankie, who captured the syrup free-flowing over a Pecora Dairy bloomy white mould ewe's milk cheese.

Once Sue cooks her multi award-winning Smyrna Quinces, she's left with a big pot of rich liquid. Through experimentation she has found that this liquid forms a luxurious syrup once it is gently cooked down for about 6 or 7 hours. 

Innovation and waste reduction are a part of the food philosophy of Sue Heward and the team at Singing Magpie Produce, and that is why their Sticky Quince Syrup is just so perfect.

This rich and moreish syrup pairs perfectly with roast duck and pork. It  can also be used as the base flavour of ice-cream, added to a cocktails like a Kir Royale or served on a cheese board.

This product is extremely versatile and only limited by your imagination.

Due for release in November, this innovative syrup will be available in 1.25 kg foodservice tubs and 340g retail bottles.

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