Pepo Farms: home to Australian-grown pumpkin seeds, and nuts, oils and flours

The first and only producers of pumpkin seeds in Australia are proud to be a farm-to-plate company that produces pumpkin seeds for eating and a range of other seeds, nuts, oils and flours.

As conscious consumers seek to find Australian-grown ingredients that meet their need for high nutritional content and flavour, the versatility of nuts and seeds is undoubtedly a popular choice. Pepo Farms is at the forefront of the production of high-quality Australian nuts and seeds. Nestled along the Great Alpine Road in northeast Victoria, the Pepo Farms landscape is both stunning and agriculturally viable. 

The aesthetic farmland in the Ovens Valley is home to rows of heirloom pumpkins, sunflowers, walnut trees and a sprinkling of hazelnut trees. With an emphasis on sustainability and innovation, the farm has pioneered pumpkin seed growing in Australia.

Sporting acres of nutrient-dense soils, Pepo Farms is perfectly suited to grow healthy, heirloom pumpkins ideal for the harvest of their big dark green seeds. Utilising an innovative custom-built harvester, the pumpkin seeds are separated from the flesh at the time of harvest. The seeds are then washed, dried and prepared for a multitude of seed flavour variations, as well as turned into high protein flour or pressed into what’s known as the “green gold” pumpkin seed oil. 

The unique nature of these Australian-grown pumpkin seeds should be differentiated from the commonly known and imported pepita. Pepitas are pumpkin seeds that are de-husked either mechanically or chemically before they become edible. Whereas, the Pepo Farms pumpkin seeds are derived from pumpkins in which the seed is already green and without the husk.

For chefs that value Australian-grown ingredients, the choice to select pumpkin seeds over pepitas is straightforward and the range of flavours offered by Pepo Farms provides endless variations of culinary applications. In addition, it’s the savoury pumpkin seed oil that can elevate dishes and bring a new dimension to a menu.

Meeting the growing demand for agritourism, the Farm Shop is open to visitors and acts as an education centre through its seed and nut cellar-door tasting. Pepo Farms range also includes a selection of hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and walnuts.

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