Nuts About Brother Mountain Macadamias

Named after its surrounding region on the mid-north coast, family-run Brother Mountain Macadamias is absolutely nuts about macadamia nuts. 

The biodynamic farm can be found nestled between South and Middle Brother Mountains with a special micro-climate of sub-tropical rainforest and nutrient-rich red soil, perfect for macadamia nut growing. And following a zero production waste philosophy, Brother Mountain Macadamias uses discarded shells as compost and pruned branches as mulch to further feed the environment.

Brother Mountain Macadamias offers flavoured macadamias and nut butter products, including roasted macadamia chips, roasted chilli macadamias, and honey, cacao and macadamia butter.

The crop is looking “pretty fantastic this year”, says owner Alistair Hyde-Page. “The combination of heavy rains over November and December has helped nourish the trees after drought and bushfires earlier in the year. Nuts are looking larger than usual which is promising."

For Hyde-Page, the macadamia butters are particularly a highlight of their product range. 

“We really think the macadamia butters are a beautiful, natural and nurturing product,” he says. “The versatility is a great feature - it’s an easy ingredient to integrate into daily cooking routines and is a nutritious and delicious substitute for butters (even creams) if you are looking toward a more plant-based diet or are looking for dairy alternatives.” 

Macadamias become quite creamy when blended and can be used as a base for both sweet and savoury dishes. Hyde-Page recommends using macadamia nuts on toast, in pasta sauces, marinades, salad dressings, baking and smoothies. “We use it in everything.”

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