Waste Not Want Not

Great Southern Region, WA

What do you do with degraded land? Land which has decreased in value from $1000 per square metre to just $75?

Well first you need to understand the problem. And the problem with this land is that the salt levels are too high to farm on. The land has been degraded by continuous wheat farming and is almost unusable; that is unless you are farming products that like high levels of salinity.

David Thomson and Lance McLeod from Moojepin Foods are focussed on reversing this saline issue. They have been growing saline produce since 2015 and have found that the demand for ingredients such as Saltbush, Samphire and Karkalla has increased dramatically over the last few years.

But it is not the demand for the product that is tackling the issue, it is the fact that these types of plants literally draw the salt from the soil, which is a perfect example of regeneration in its pure form.

This season will see the launch of a new product called Saltice, a mildly salty, fibrous plant with long slender leaves. It pairs beautifully with seafood and can be used as a garnish adding a burst of salty freshness.

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