Brasserie Bread Turns 25

With a rollercoaster of a year nearly behind us, it’s time to celebrate some good news and what better way than toasting Brasserie Bread for turning 25?

The artisan bakery began with the aim of filling a gap in the market.“We just really wanted sourdough and we couldn’t find it in a way that suited the hospitality industry,” says cofounder Michael Klausen.

Brasserie Bread’s loaves and pastries are now found across Australia. And while Klausen will swear that he got lucky with their timing, business boomed as their philosophy resonated with customers.

“We really stuck with the approach of baking small batches,” reveals Klausen, “following through the fermentation time, no short cuts.”

Correspondingly, Brasserie Bread has worked to build relationships with farmers to produce single origin sourdough.

“The ongoing goal is to get people to eat better,” says Klausen, “to work with the hospitality industry, and to value the traceability with farmers.”

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