Brasserie Bread

Brasserie Bread proudly supplies artisan baked sourdough, pastries, cakes and burger buns to cafes, restaurants, hotels and catering businesses in ACT, NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

We bake and deliver artisan sourdough, bread and pastries 365 days a year to businesses located in ACT, NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

Supported by a friendly and dedicated Customer Service Team we proudly partner with wholesale businesses, ensuring they receive the right products to suit their customers.

Each of our artisan products is baked fresh daily, many using single-origin Australian Lancer wheat flour, grown in the rich farming region of North Star, NSW. In line with our commitment to provenance, we work closely with a supply circle of seed producers, sustainable farmers, and millers so we can confidently celebrate the source in every single loaf we bake.

In 2020 Brasserie Bread proudly celebrates 25 years of artisan baking.

In 1995 co-founder Michael Klausen, as head chef at Sydney’s iconic Bayswater Brasserie restaurant, began baking authentic sourdough in response to a global artisan baking movement. Soon after, with its chewy crust, comforting density, and distinctive flavour, ‘Brasserie’ sourdough was the talk of the town and Brasserie Bread was born!

After establishing bakeries in Sydney, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast, Brasserie Bread went on to win both the prestigious RAS President’s Medal and NSW DPI Innovation award in 2018.

Today, Brasserie Bread is proud to continue its commitment to artisan baking every day of the year.

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