Yanjala Farm - Pasture-raised, the slow way

Yanjala is a small-scale free-range pig farm near Murgon, South-East Queensland. Our pigs are completely free-range; living outdoors, in the fresh air, on open pastures.

Yanjala is a small-scale free range pig farm near Murgon, an hour inland from Gympie, South-East Queensland (Australia).

We keep a very small herd of only 6 sows and 1 boar. All of our pigs are born, raised and lovingly cared for right here on our farm.

We believe in ethical farming methods, keeping our numbers low to ensure that we are producing high quality true free range pork that is good for our bodies, good for the animals and good for our land.

Our beautiful pigs are completely free range; living outdoors, in the fresh air, on open pastures. They have the freedom to do what they love to do... run, dig, forage, wallow and most of all, socialise!

We have chosen to grow Wessex Saddleback pigs for our pork. Wessex Saddlebacks are a heritage breed pig, ideally suited for living in the outdoors and make wonderful paddock foragers. They have a beautiful gentle nature and love human contact.

We do not claim to be organic, however our pigs never receive additives, chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. Just real... natural... slow grown pork.

We ensure reduced food miles and packaging, by using several butchers throughout South-East Queensland, with minimal plastic waste.

Our pork is much darker in colour than your usual supermarket pork. The texture is completely different. It's extremely moist, sweet and full of flavour, with a wonderful marbling of fat that produces incredibly juicy succulent pork!

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