Tokyo Lamington

Bringing the humble Aussie Lamington to the world, mixing it up with local Aussie and international flavours.

From Tokyo to Sydney

Born in 2019, Tokyo Lamington is a bastard lovechild of Min Chai (Former N2 Extreme Gelato) and Eddie Stewart (Former Black Star Pastry).

Originally a concept made for Tokyo, our little venture has found its way into events around the world from Singapore's Gran Prix F1 and World Chocolate Day in Australia.

However, our joy of slinging and peddling lamingtons halfway across the world from Singapore to Tokyo came to an abrupt end when COVID clipped our wings.

Unable to gallivant in Japan and confined to Australia, our dreams of that hole-in-the-wall lamington shop in the alleys of Tokyo slipped further underwater than Atlantis. So we thought it was time to return to shores and make some new introductions.

Tokyo Lamington meet Sydney, Sydney meet Tokyo Lamington.

Where to Buy

Sydney + Surrounds, NSW

Sydney + Surrounds, NSW



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