The KIND Coffee Co

Making authentic and healthy coffee products where taste is paramount. We may be KIND but we’re definitely not SWEET.

Located in the beautiful Northern NSW Region, KIND Coffee has been creating premium, quality Cold Brew Coffee for 9 years. During this time we have been supplying both retail outlets with cold brew concentrate, as well for customers in 1000L pallecons for downstream manufacturing. If you've tried the Kahlua Espresso Martini on tap in a bar, then you've had our cold brew!

To create our own ready-to-drink coffee in a can with milk, we had build our own facility as there is noone with this capacity in Australia. So as well as launching our 3 delicious flavours recently: Mocha Latte, Creamy Milk Latte, Double Espresso. We have also launched our co-manufacturing site in Murwillumbah! It's been a busy couple of years!

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