Stone Pine Distillery

Stone Pine Distillery is Bathurst’s premiere micro-distillery. Head distiller Ian Glen produces a range of high quality and small batch gins, vodka, rums and liqueurs.

Ian Glen, founder of Stone Pine Distillery, has devoted his entire career to malting, brewing and distilling in Australia and abroad. Stone Pine Distillery is situated in Bathurst, 3 hours west of Sydney over the famous Blue Mountains. The Distillery is known for its unique range of seasonal gins, but also produces vodka, rums, liqueurs and brandy.

Ian's distilling philosophy is simple; he uses high quality raw materials and keeps processing to a minimum in order to showcase the natural flavours. Ian never uses additives or preservatives and uses locally grown produce. A 500L Knapp Lewer copper pot still, brought over from Tasmania, is used to distil the spirits. Using a copper still in the distillation process is particularly beneficial as it imparts flavour whilst removing sulfuric compounds, creating a smooth and delicious spirit.

Stone Pine Distillery operates with an environmental focus - the distillery is powered by renewable energy and recycled rainwater, which is collected onsite, is used where possible.

Stone Pine’s flagship Dry Gin was awarded a prestigious silver medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London in the London Dry Category.

Ian also distills and ages high quality, small batch Rum. Commercial producers have dominated rum for a long time in Australia, so Ian saw an opportunity to develop the gap in the premium rum category.

​"I remember thinking to myself that I was drinking something very special, complex and made with care." Anna Brownrigg - Neat Eats

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