Prickle Hill Produce

At Prickle Hill Produce, we believe there is absolutely no substitute for growing and providing the best produce possible.

‘Prickle Hill’ is situated on a sand hill 15ks South West of Coleambally NSW. The 40ha Property is planted to Sugar Plums for the fresh and dried fruit (Prunes) markets. In 2012, 2.5 ha of Jujubes (Chinese Red Dates) were planted, with the remaining 8ha planted under a Biodiversity Incentive Plan, encouraging the long-term survival of native flora and fauna.

Prickle Hill Produce is Owned and operated by Roy and Judy Duffell. Roy is a third-generation prune grower. In 1920, his grandfather, William Duffell, established a fruit orchard at Yenda in the MIA. William was known as ‘the fruit salad king’, famous for his nectarines. Roy’s father, John Duffell, carried on the tradition and went on to grow peaches, apricots, oranges, grapes and sugar plums.

In 1993 Roy purchased and developed a Prune orchard in the sandy loam soils at Coleambally. Since then, he has been involved in the research and development of growing different varieties of prune clones for the advancement of the Australian Prune Industry (IPA).

Roy’s son, James John Duffell, has returned to the farm, as the fourth generation. James divides his time between the farm, and you can find him showcasing the farm produce at Farmers Markets in and around Sydney. James shares his father’s commitment to organic and natural farming practices, and above all to quality. Working together, father and son are diversifying the produce now grown on the farm. Prickle Hill now grows oranges, quinces, figs, plums, peaches, jujubes, lemons, loquats, olives and apricots. Fresh, preserved, or dried- Roy and James are committed to getting this wonderful produce from the farm to your table in the highest possible quality.

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