Perfect South Green Tea

Australian green tea grown in the Alpine Valleys of North East Victoria and crafted using authentic Japanese methods.

Perfect South offers high quality Australian green tea that’s balanced, smooth and without the bitterness so often associated with green tea. The fertile sub-alpine valleys and southern hemisphere climate and conditions of Victoria’s North East favour the camellia sinensis plant and are similar to some of the best tea growing regions of Japan. We have a select range of Japanese-style teas from the current harvest only, to ensure freshness, and also create blends and limited edition teas that are unique to the Australian market. Ranges include:

First Harvest Range: Shincha / Genmaicha / Matcha Genmaicha

Estate Range: Sencha / Houjicha / Kukicha

Blends Range: Caramel Genmaicha / Lime & Coconut Sencha / Berry & Jasmine Sencha / Mint Houjicha / Coconut & Chamomile Houjicha / Wattleseed Sencha

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