Mimosa Park

FARM: Certified Free Range

PIGS: Pure Pedigree Berkshire

SHEEP: Pure Suffolk

STOCKISTS: Meat Mistress + Wursthaus Kitchen

Located in Tasmania's beautiful Huon Valley, Damien and Lillian Reardon are dedicated to producing premium quality APIQ Certified Free Range Berkshire Pork from happy pigs that are raised ethically and with respect in a natural environment.

Mimosa Park pigs are pure bred from carefully selected genetics and are fed a combination of GMO free grain pellets, apples and cherries from the family orchard and pasture to graze.

All Mimosa Park, pigs have access to pasture, warm shelters, wallows, fresh water, enjoy vistas of the Huon Valley and are free to behave naturally for their entire lives.

Certified Free Range | 100% Natural | GMO Free | Hormone Free | Antibiotic Free | No Teeth Clipping | No Nose Rings | No Tail Docking | No Castration

NB: We do not currently sell livestock

Hobart + the South, TAS

Hobart + the South, TAS

Damien and Lilli Reardon





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