Kennedy Farm Produce

The home of popping corn! We are a 100% Australian-owned family farming business in Corop, VIC, and passionate about sustainable farming & growing great produce.

Kennedy Farm Produce was established in January 2018 by Emma and Sean Kennedy.

Our small business works with and complements the Kennedy family farming business established by Sean’s parents John and Pat Kennedy.

Sean and I have an absolute passion for Australian-made, owned and grown quality produce. This is something we strive to achieve every day. We sow, grow, handpick/harvest and package everything we sell.

We believe in celebrating the season and educating people about what produce is in season. So much of the produce we see (particularly in supermarkets) is seemingly available all year round. As a result, it is so easy to lose track of seasonality. Fresh is best when it comes to taste and nutrition.

What We Grow

We are always ready for a challenge to grow new crops. Currently, we grow tomatoes for canning, corn, chickpeas, lentils, wheat, canola, barley and faba beans as well as seasonal vegetables including eggplant, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, leek, spring onion, sliver beet herbs, and chilli. What we grow depends on the season as well as demand therefore what we grow may change from season to season.

We want to share our best with you and provide a unique experience. We want to share our knowledge and passion.

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