Holbrook Paddock Eggs

A family owned and operated genuine pasture based free range egg business, located at Holbrook, Southern Riverina NSW.

Holbrook Paddock Eggs is owned and operated by Sam and Prue Pincott and their four daughters. The property is located in southern NSW near the township of Holbrook (mid way between Sydney and Melbourne on the Hume Hwy).

Our 15,000 hens are managed under a portable system whereby we move their housing each week onto a fresh part of the paddock, enabling the pasture and all the biology within it to be replenished for the hens. The added benefit to this is that the hens’ manure provides a natural fertiliser for the paddocks as they move across them. The hens are fully integrated into our whole farm and are managed along side other livestock enterprises. The farm is managed under regenerative farming practices.

The hens have the true ability to live a very natural life – we don’t lock our hens up at night, instead we have 9 Maremma dogs and live with them and protect against any predators. This means that as the sun comes up the hens are free to roam and forage when ever they like, for as long as they like. They have so much space to live a truly free range life – our stocking density is an incredibly low 40 hens per hectare (compared to the industry standard of 10,000 hens per hectare).

We are PROOF accredited, giving our customers genuine assurance we are what we say.

No artificial additives are used in our feed, the colour of our yolks will vary slightly as the seasons change – exactly as nature intended.

All eggs are graded and packed according to the Australian Egg Standards and delivered within days of being laid.

The welfare of the animals is our priority along side farming in a more natural state, this combination provides a high quality egg coming from very happy, healthy hens.

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