Gondwana Macadamias

From ancient times, Gondwana Macadamias. Macadamia products, nuts and botanicals.

As farmers, we are passionate about growing macadamia nuts and products, to the highest international standards. Nuts as pure and wholesome as ancient times.

Gondwana Macadamias create nourishing and enriching macadamia products designed for everyday kitchen and bathroom routines. Our Northern Rivers macadamia orchard thrives under the watchful eyes and caring hands of our family, reflecting our genuine commitment to quality. The macadamias we grow are skilfully harvested, dehusked, stored and roasted onsite before being crafted into our extensive product range.

Our special, ancient Macadamia Tetraphylla, sits on the highest part of the farm, gracing us with her incredibly sweet scented pink flowers each spring and delicious creamy nuts each Autumn and it is this tree that has inspired much of our work including our logo!

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