Circle Harvest AKA Edible Bug Shop

Circle Harvest is Australia's largest insect protein farm and food processing facility.

Nestled in the heart of Western Sydney, Australia, Circle Harvest isn't your ordinary farm – we're buzzing with innovation and sustainable deliciousness!

As the brainchild of an entomologist and food scientist with a passion for creating a greener food future, we're on a mission to revolutionize your plate and nourish the planet.

Imagine a world where insects take center stage in your meals, bringing you a protein-packed punch while treading lightly on our environment. That's exactly what we do here at Circle Harvest! Our farm isn't just a farm; it's a bustling insect metropolis where crickets, mealworms, and other tiny champions work their magic.

With our state-of-the-art food manufacturing facility, we're turning these little critters into culinary marvels that will leave your taste buds dancing. From crunchy cricket chips that will have you chirping for joy to protein-rich pasta that's perfect for both you and the planet – we've got it all!

But Circle Harvest is more than just about what's on your plate – it's about sowing the seeds of sustainability for generations to come. We're cultivating a food revolution that challenges norms and embraces eco-friendliness. Our insect superstars require fewer resources and produce fewer emissions. So every delectable bite you take supports a greener, healthier Earth.

So, whether you're a daring food explorer or just someone who loves scrumptious eats, join us on this mouthwatering journey. Circle Harvest: where insects meet innovation, and every bite brings us closer to a tastier, more sustainable future!

Where to Buy

Sydney + Surrounds, NSW

Sydney + Surrounds, NSW

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