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Chocolate On Purpose is an Indigenous business in Millthorpe NSW combining couverture chocolate with Australian Indigenous botanicals to create our Bush Food Chocolate range.

I’m Fiona, a Wiradjuri woman of the Lachlan River. Generations of my family have lived on the banks of the Belubula River, which is part of the Lachlan River catchment on the Central Tablelands in Central West NSW.

Belubula is a Wiradjuri word meaning “stony river”, referring to Country peppered with basalt rock from eruptions of Mt Canobolas, a nearby extinct volcano. I feel the most grounded when standing on Country, where the trees are members of our mob and the flowers, fruits and leaves are our food and medicine.

My business is called Chocolate On Purpose and was born on Country at the source of the Belubula River, in Millthorpe on the Central Tablelands. Our signature range of chocolate is called “Bush Food Chocolate”, created by combining melt in the mouth couverture chocolate with Australian Indigenous botanicals growing on Country.

Chocolate On Purpose’s new brand identity as seen above is designed by Wiradjuri graphic artist Leticia-Anne Designs and embodies the Dreaming Story of Chocolate On Purpose. The Eagle Spirit created Country and it was a beautiful place. Yindyamarra, the Dreaming Spirit within, then created Chocolate On Purpose to be sure Country was a delicious place as well.

Our Mission is to produce quality chocolate creations for both lovers of fine chocolate and those wanting to make the world of chocolate a better place for all, by sourcing Australian Indigenous botanicals from Aboriginal Communities around Australia and sustainable cocoa only from Suppliers who are members of the “Cocoa Horizons" Foundation.

Our Vision is to educate the world about the superfood benefits of our Australian Indigenous botanicals and the wisdom of our First Nations People in their traditional use of these botanicals, so we are respected for this wisdom and honoured for our culture.

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