Black Sheep Produce: Jujubes-Capers-Dates

A family farm in the Riverland, South Australia growing jujubes, capers, and dates. We showcase the food we grow as naturally and authentically as possible.

Black Sheep Produce is a family farm business in the Riverland region of South Australia. Our specialties are growing jujubes (also known as Chinese red dates), capers and dates. We supply a range of 100% Australian premium fresh, dried and value added products to wholesale and retail customers throughout Australia. Our products contain no artificial flavours, colours or additives – our passion is showcasing the food we grow as naturally and authentically as possible.

We strive to produce the highest quality food products while also looking after our natural resources and our focus is on minimising artificial inputs, improving our soil and maximising our water use efficiency. We also pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our customers.

Why did we call ourselves Black Sheep Produce? Simply because we like to do things differently. We grow three very ancient food crops – jujubes, capers and dates – and believe that there is a great future for these alternative crops in Australia. Although they are all very labour intensive, they are relatively low input and low water use crops compared to the more commonly grown fruit and nut trees in Australia. We also have a holistic approach to farming and apply the principle “healthy environment, healthy food, healthy people" in contrast to an industrial farming approach.

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