Argyle Australian Saffron

Argyle Australian Saffron produces the highest quality saffron from their property on the volcanic foothills of Mount Canoblas, in Orange NSW

Once upon a time there was an Aussie girl named Angela, and a Kiwi boy named Brendon, and their two girls, Poppy & Saffron (yes, they love Saffron that much!). With a lifelong ambition to get back to their country roots, & a passion for amazing produce, in 2016 they took a deep breath and packed up & moved from their lives, friends, family and corporate jobs in Sydney, to Orange in regional NSW.

After a lot of soil testing, & backbreaking ground preparation, care & love, they hand planted their first 2500 saffron corms in 2018. The climate in Orange is perfect for Saffron, which likes 4 distinct seasons to thrive.

Fast forward 3 years, a huge amount of hard work, trial and error, they now maintain around 100,000 saffron corms (and growing) which produce some of the highest quality saffron in the world! The Argyles also begun using a special drying method, unique they believe to anyone in Australia which involves using humidity in their drying process. Studies have shown this quickly locks in maximum crocin content, and the result is maximum colour, flavour and aroma. This has resulted in overwhelming and consistent feedback that their saffron is especially potent, requiring only a fraction of what you would usually use in dishes.

The Argyles are highly passionate about quality produce, service and supporting community.

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