Great Ocean Road, VIC

When we spoke to Tom Hogan, founder of Arc Hard Seltzer, he was pretty busy. It was just before Christmas and orders were flying out the door. 
Inspired by the growing demand for hard seltzers after a trip to the States in 2019, he realized the untapped market of seltzers in Australia and got to creating a uniquely Australian product.
The seltzer market in the States is set to peak at around $27 billion in 2027, and products such as White Claw Hard Seltzer are frequently outdoing sales of Budweiser, which is huge. 
So what exactly is a seltzer? And what makes it hard?
A seltzer is simply just fizzy water, and once alcohol is added, or it is 'spiked', it becomes 'hard'.

Hard seltzers can either be brewed from grain or have alcohol mixed in; the latter method tends to lead to a smoother mouth-feel.
Hard seltzers are low in calories (tick), have no sugar (double tick) and are hydrating without being bloating (we're sold!). And the best part is, they are refreshing and delicious, flavoured with natural fruits and interesting citrus flavour profiles.
But what sets Arc Hard Seltzer apart is that they are 100% Australian made and owned, and they focus on provenance and native ingredients. Their current seltzer flavours include Lemon Myrtle & Pink Grapefruit and Outback Finger Lime & Mango, and they are busy trialing new flavour combinations as we speak.
Curated and considered in Port Campbell on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Arc Hard Seltzers are the talk of the town in a very popular dialogue of all things seltzer.

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