Northern Rivers Region, NSW 

“We really started as a niche of a niche,” says Provenance Flour and Malt founder, John Campbell. “We wanted to change the paradigm of the way people viewed grain. And if there’s a positive to covid it's that people want to know how their product was grown and who has grown it.”

With a focus on flavour and nutrition, Provenance Flour connects bakers, brewers and consumers with farmers and single varietal grain. “We know the unique characteristics of the grain comes from the minerals and nutrients of each particular soil of each particular region and the varietal underlay of that."

To maintain quality and consistency, Provenance Flour ensures their farmers follow three criteria. “They must practice regenerative agricultural techniques and do everything they can for the environment,” Campbell says. “They must support their local community, and be able to manage the integrity of the grain and the traceability of it from yield all the way through.”

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