Recipe: Lobster, Apple and Cucumber Salad by Elena Duggan

Serves 2



• 1 lge Granny Smith apple

• 1 Lemon, juice only

• 1 Lime, juice only, approx. 35g yield

• 50g Gin, your favourite, botanical heavy is favoured here

• 2 Lebanese cucumbers, peeled, diced into 5mm cubes, reserve seeds

• 2lge Australian Bay Lobster, cooked

• 50g Biodynamic yoghurt, strained for 12 hours

• Dill oil (see below)

• Dill fronds

• White pepper, to taste

• Salt, to taste


• To cure the cucumber place cubes into gin and lime mix for up to 12 hours ahead of service, in an airtight container and kept cool.

• Using a vegetable sheeter or careful peeling, cut two long apple ribbons and immediately place them into lemon juice acidulated, iced water – ideally within 20 minutes of serving.

• Strain and place apple ribbon on the plate and top with remaining ingredients as desired.

Dill oil


• 150g neutral oil, grape seed works well

• 75g dill leaves

• White pepper, to taste

• Salt, to taste


• For the dill oil, blend oil and dill leaves in a high-speed processor for approx. 30 seconds, in 10-second bursts, so the mix doesn’t heat and cook.

• Line a strainer with muslin, pour dill oil mix in and set aside to gently strain through.

• Reserve dill leaf pulp for another recipe, and utilise dill oil for up to three days for this recipe.

• Adjust seasoning before serving if needed.

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