In Conversation With Charlie Arnott

Award-winning, biodynamic farmer, Charlie Arnott, is in the inspiration and information business. Incentivised by winning the 2018 Bob Hawke Landcare Award for his commitment to sustainable agriculture, he put some of his prize money towards launching his podcast, The Regenerative Journey, and in the past six months has interviewed farmers, chefs and innovators.

“It was important for me to spread a pretty simple message and very compelling message,” he says.

That message centres on the impact humans are having on the planet, how as a species we’re not getting healthier, and what we can do about it. For him, one answer is better farming methods.

Arnott says, “Regenerative agriculture is a way of addressing those issues by improving the health of the environment through carbon sequestration, through good farming practices and ecological improvements. But also in doing that, we produce much higher quality food.”

In his latest podcast, Arnott invites restaurateur and television personality, Matt Moran, to pick up that discussion. “He’s a chef, so as a farmer I appreciate the skill that he has in turning our food up to 11. He also gets the trials and tribulations of farming. And he's very sympathetic to farmers because he is one.”

The two cover a range of topics, digging deep on everything from Moran’s career to seasonal ingredients driving business success to Moran’s regenerative farming journey. Arnott says, “He's not a token farmer or token chef. He really takes his job seriously. He's a wonderful representative for the hospitality industry.”

Click here to listen to the podcast.