Garlic Goddess

LONGVIEW GARLIC: Innovative & versatile, fresh green garlic, cured garlic and dried garlic!


Southern Tablelands, NSW

Direct from the farmer’s hands to your dinner-plate… Longview Garlic grow and sell fresh green garlic, cured garlic and dried garlic products.

In line with their no waste, recycle and regenerative approach to growing, Lee and Phil Towle are committed to using and selling the whole of this versatile little plant, from the bulb to the stem, including the flower spike.

Their innovative new product, green garlic powder, is causing a stir with innovative chefs and food creatives for its unique and subtle flavour profile alongside its vibrant green colour which is visually striking.

Green garlic is simply garlic that is harvested when it is young. It is fresh and zingy with subtle grassy notes.

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