The secret’s out! Canberra’s Claystone Foods is making culinary leaps for the whole family, pets included!

Claystone's founders, Stace and Mish Allen created Claystone to create change and provide choice for consumers.

It’s all happening in Canberra where premium beef producer Claystone Foods is meeting the market for discerning consumers as well as providing meals for our four-legged friends! Dynamic duo Stace and Mish Allen arm a mix of Angus and Hereford cattle on the Hoskinstown Plains. The pair have equally balanced the conscious breeding of their herd and the sustainable custodianship on the land over many years, creating a working farm that connects the consumer to the country.

The production of premium quality meats appeals to consumers who want to make ethical meat consumption choices and the sourcing of additional free-range, antibiotic and hormone-free meats from fellow regenerative farmers, results in a range of high-quality butchered cuts. Locals and visitors can call by the on-farm multi-award winning butchery or stop by the Capital Farmers Markets on a Saturday. Door-to-door delivery is also offered across the Canberra region and into Sydney.

But it’s not only us humans who get to enjoy the range from Claystone, our fur babies also get to benefit! As with all good farming practices, Claystone places huge importance on reducing waste; this, coupled with the desire to feed their farm dogs high-nutrition meat from the farm, led to the realisation of diversifying into the pet food market and filling a gap for vet-endorsed, nutritionally-balanced meals. 

And so, Pawstone Pet Meals was born which has led to the launch of an exciting crowdfunding campaign! Activated during April 2024, the opportunity for investment is designed to support the growth of the company both within Australia and internationally and position Claystone Foods as the undisputed market leader for meals with reliable nutrition for the whole family, pets included! 

Expressions of Interest are now open for investors interested in supporting this incredible vision. Learn more about Claystone Foods and Pawstone crowding funding campaign here:

​​**Always consider the General CSF risk warning and offer doc before investing.

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