Bloomfield Vanilla


Tropical North Queensland, QLD

Award-winning Bloomfield Vanilla has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Based in far north Queensland, founder Nick Upite’s passion began 14 years ago when his brother came home with a neglected vanilla vine under his arm. 

“He saw an old vanilla vine at a friend’s place and he thought he would do something with it. He eventually gave his vanilla vine to me. I slowly started to grow more and more vines from the original couple of vines, and turned it into a business.” 

That business has grown into a small farm that produces vanilla pods, vanilla essence, and vanilla powder for chefs, home cooks, and “people who love vanilla”.  

Bloomfield Vanilla is unique in that it’s grown under the natural canopy of the rainforest without the use of chemicals. Upite says, “We have really good beans. It’s very important to keep the consistent quality that we’ve got.”

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