Helping producers grow

“Straight To The Source bridges a gap between the producer, chef, and consumer. They have access to markets I'd like to connect to. They are a vital resource for producers; a support network that doesn’t otherwise exist.” Lee Towle, Longview Garlic NSW

Since 2012, Straight To the Source have been taking chefs and food industry professionals across Australia to meet producers, learn about the provenance of the food and drinks they source, and the story of the people behind them. 

Pioneers in this space, Straight To The Source has created an unparalleled reputation for building a community of like-minded people who care deeply about the provenance and quality of their food. 

Led by an experienced team of food experts Straight To The Source is a go-to resource for chefs and consumers looking for top-quality Australian and New Zealand food and drinks for wholesale supply and retail purchase. 

“Our Heward family orchard turns 100 years old in 2021. Growing wine grapes, figs, and quinces are in our blood. When we shifted into the food manufacturing and valued-added space this was very new territory. Straight To The Source helped us focus on our key products and enabled us to connect with Chefs and Premium food distributors/businesses whose focus was on quality Australian produce.” Sue Heward, Singing Magpie Produce SA

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Helping producers grow

Your 12 month subscription includes:

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Your dedicated brand profile page features are:

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