Interested in joining our community as a member but keen to know more? 

At Straight To The Source we understand that not all aspects of growing your business are based on direct sales. Some things are a little more subtle. 

We can help you by tapping into our experience and network, both online and offline, to get your brand or products in front of the right people, and be in the right conversation at the right time.

When you join as a producer and become a part of our powerful community, and our team will work closely with you to support your efforts based on your specific business goals. 

We will keep you front-of-mind with our audience of chefs, the wider foodservice industry, and discerning consumers who look to us to learn about where their food comes from, and stay abreast of food and drink trends and innovative ingredients where provenance is front and centre.

Once your dedicated brand page is created, it will be searchable on the SttS platform by keywords, category, location, and seasonality, so you can be found quickly and easily.  

Direct sales enquiries will link straight to your website, or to your distributor. And for consumers, the site will link to your stockist list so they can easily find where to buy your products. Your brand will also benefit from further exposure through our news articles and our social media channels. And as opportunities pass across our desks, or we have conversations that may be of interest to you, we will be sure to keep you updated.

We are keen to tell your story and champion your brand so join as a producer today and take advantage of our 30 minute complimentary business consulting session which will help us align your goals with our strategy so we can help you in the best way possible.

Let us tell your story…
… AND champion YOUR brand…
…To chefs, industry & foodies
Interested in joining our community as a member but keen to know more? 

Your 12 month subscription includes:

  • A dedicated brand profile page on the Straight To The Source platform 
  • Access to the easy to use interface so you can create and update your page content at your convenience
  • A complimentary business consultation session with one of our highly experienced team (30 min.)

Your brand profile page features are:

  • Your logo 
  • Hero imagery
  • Your brand copy (both short and long descriptions)
  • Your website URL 
  • Contact name & phone number
  • Links out to your retail stockist pages
  • Links to up to 9 distributors
  • Link to your social media pages



*Excluding GST of $39.90 and processing fees of $8.12.