TAWNYA BAHR - Straight To The Source
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Tawnya is a chef, food consultant and founding partner of regional food company, Straight To The Source. Having worked 20+ years in the food industry she continues to combine her culinary experience with her passion for promoting and supporting Australian producers.


This experience has brought with it a vast network of farmers, primary producers and chefs, many of whom she works with in her varying roles within the hospitality industry.


Chef trained in commercial cookery via Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute, Tawnya is a culinary judge with the Royal Agricultural Society, Savour Restaurant & Catering restaurant reviewer, Le Cordon Bleu exam assessor, and on the committee for the Australian Culinary Federation.


Tawnya’s innate passion for food and innovative cooking extends beyond the kitchen to production and agriculture making her one of the leading food consultants in the country.


Tawnya’s broad range of experience includes creating and producing her own commercial product line (The Condiment Connoisseur), owning a national gourmet distribution company, analyzing global food trends, developing market strategies, ingredient sourcing, recipe development and delivering farmers’ market and Australian regional food tours.


Tawnya is driven by her passion for the people behind our food. Her work focuses on promoting and supporting sustainable practices within the food industry and bringing growers, producers, chefs and patrons together.