Garlicious Grown: Pioneers of Premium Australian Black Garlic Products 

Garlicious Grown stands at the forefront of Australia's garlic industry, offering a premium range of black garlic products that elevate culinary experiences to new heights.

In recent years, the culinary world has been captivated by black garlic, renowned for its sweet, umami-rich flavour and health benefits. Leading the charge in this rapidly expanding industry is Australian-owned Garlicious Grown who are recognised globally as pioneers in the development of black garlic. 

Founded by Jenny Daniher and Cathy Owen, friends with backgrounds in science and farming, they set themselves the challenge of crafting flavourful, nutrient-dense black garlic. After 12 months of rigorous experimentation, they perfected a commercially viable method utilising an Italian purple variety. Sourcing only premium Australian-grown bulbs, the freshly harvested produce is hung to heighten its flavour as moisture naturally descends from the stalks to the cloves. Meticulous cleaning precedes a slow-cooking technique that oxidises and caramelises the garlic using precise temperature and humidity control, all achieved without the use of preservatives or additives. The result: moist, plump cloves of pure, unadulterated black garlic goodness.

Garlicious Grown offers an award-winning range of products designed to maximise flavour and minimise wastage. This includes convenient options of individual peeled and unpeeled whole black garlic cloves, paste, aioli, white balsamic dressing, and Caesar dressing.

Not only is black garlic praised as a health product but it adds an intense flavour bomb to the plate. Chefs love the versatility of using it to elevate plant-based menu items as well as intensify sauces, meats, and seafood dishes. Garlicious Grown black garlic is gluten-free and vegan friendly, as is the black garlic white balsamic dressing. The aioli and Caesar dressing both contain eggs. These products are readily available to leading Australian chefs, providing convenient solutions that enhance efficiency in the kitchen without sacrificing taste.

Garlicious Grown stands as a beacon of excellence, offering premium Australian-grown black garlic products that embody the essence of quality, sustainability, and culinary creativity. Discover how Garlicious Grown can ignite culinary innovation on your menus today! 

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