"Exploring the Macleay Valley with Straight To The Source" | Foodservice - Straight To The Source
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“Exploring the Macleay Valley with Straight To The Source” | Foodservice

“Exploring the Macleay Valley with Straight To The Source” | Foodservice

Regional food tour company, Straight To The Source, headed to the Macleay Valley Food Bowl in May. Foodservice‘s Anita Connors tagged along to find out more both about their operation and what the region has to offer.

“Our goal with every tour is that the attendees leave feeling recharged, inspired, have widened their network of industry peers and friends, have learnt something and feel that the time away was worthwhile.”

Tawnya Bahr is talking about her business, Straight To The Source. Having launched in 2012, she and her team have offered something quite unique for the Australian foodservice sector – specially curated tours for chefs and industry professionals to explore specific regions across Australia and the opportunity to meet farmers, producers and, of course, each other.

Indeed, the 21-year veteran of the hospitality industry had been running foodie tours for consumers for years …

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