Education out of the Kitchen - Straight To The Source
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Education out of the Kitchen

Education out of the Kitchen

‘Farm to fork’ has become a convenient catchcry, but three words can easily replace the people and processes behind them. While it’s increasingly common for producers to hand their bounty directly to chefs, in many cases, it simply isn’t possible.

When it comes to local produce, there’s more than meets the eye — and for those who want to know exactly what’s happening in between paddock and plate, heading to the source is the only way to see production practices for themselves. Those who can afford time out of the kitchen and on the land benefit in more ways than one. Visiting producers onsite leads to a better understanding of production methods and the people behind them, as Hospitality magazine recently discovered on three tours.

When 19 pastry chefs from Australia gathered around a young vanilla plant on the island of Vava‘u in the Kingdom of Tonga, each person was able to…

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